Fit Girl Erika Buffaloe-President

Fit Girl Erika Buffaloe-President


The decision to change my life was driven by  a series of life changing events. In 2006 my mother passed from congestive heart failure, in 2008 my father passed from his final stroke, my marriage ended in 2008 and I was left to make some very serious decisions quickly about the rest of my life. At this time I felt very alone and reflected on many of the decisions I had made in my past that weren’t really for me. I tried using a personal trainer shortly after my mothers passing to help me with my anger. Yes, I said anger, I was angry as HELL that my mom left me in my early twenties…..I lost 20 pounds in 30 days, I was focused. Unfortunately, the momentum was short lived. I was working out to emotionally feel better and I only moved when Julie, the trainer directed me to. I wasn’t ready to change my entire lifestyle yet. In 2010, I discovered ZUMBA, it was love at first dance, however due to my work and school schedule I only had the pleasure of attending classes during winter break, this time I lost 20 pounds again.

Notice a pattern, I thought I was ready but full of excuses. After finishing undergraduate school, I decided to add ZUMBA to my weekly routine, I started going 3 to 4 times a week and although I asked others to join me, they all knew that this time I would go alone, no excuses. As the seasons changed, I remained consistent with my classes. I was in love with the feeling ZUMBA gave me. I seen my body, attitude and spirit change before me and I loved it! I knew that this time, I was ready to change ME. I also knew that in order to break the curse of heart disease in my family, I needed to be persistent. Both of my parents passed in their early fifties, this concerned and saddened me. I used to tell my sister that I’m not looking forward to fifty, now I tell her I’m planning the biggest sixtieth birthday party ever.

The urge and cravings to workout grew to adding group personal training sessions, gym dates with my girls, boot camp training sessions, and now a Fit Girls ROCK BMore movement. I also learned that in order to change my body and build the body of my dreams, I needed to challenge myself. This is the beginning of the biggest challenge of my life…….committing to help others change their lives by leading by example and hoping to encourage other women and girls to exercise their right to make better choices and get FIT. My two partners and I  have decided to not only build a Fit Girls ROCK fitness program, but lead a movement where women (men, and children) get fit! Today, Fit Girl ROCK BMore, LLC. is working on offering an array of fitness services for the entire Baltimore area and beyond. Founded in July of 2013, this is just the beginning of our fitness empire. Stay tuned for details on how to join the movement, become an official “Fit Girl” and the launch of the Fit Girls ROCK BMore Foundation (non profit).



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